Ryuki Inazashi
The Decendant of Lux Fulgor
Birthday September 12
Gender Male
Age 15
Element Lightning
Weapon Ardeo


Ryuki Inazashi is a main character of the of the up coming comic book series, Project Core. He is a student of Nisshoki High school and a god in training. He is the succesor of Lux Fulgor, the former god of lightning.


Luke is the fastest runner in school and has the fastest reflexes. He is quite competitive, especially to Lucas Charles since they are both athletic, he and Lucas had been rivals since they were kids. But when he had this dream his life changed forever.


Luke is a playful person, he doesn't say no to challenges. He is a very friendly person he befriends everyone he meets. He is very competative especially to Lucas and considers him as his eternal rival.


When Luke is not fighting evil he is shown having grey eyes, a fit body since he is athletic, and spiky puple hair. When in duty to stop the forces of evil he is shown to have a an electronic suit that conducts electricity. He isn't recognized when he is in his god form.


Luke in school


Luke is shown to be hawkeyed he can see clearly in about 60 feet. He is very skilled in archery, Silverhand Faber gave him Ardeo, his bow, that was made by the rage of Lux Fulgor. Accourding to him he didn't master the God Art: Lightning Arrow Projection, that was Lux Fulgor's way of fighting. So he developed his own God Art, the Lightning Beast Arrow, he can shoot Lightning animals, which is limited. He can communicate with electricity, which gives him the power of reading ones mind, since the brain produces and uses electricity. He can summon a wolf named Lumen that is very fast and powerful, Lumen can shoot Energy Blasts and Energy Balls from his mouth.

Lux and Spade

Lux fighting Spade


  • Lightning Beast Arrow

Shoots a lightning arrow that takes shape of an animal, according to him it depends on the surroundings.

  1. Fish - used for underwater, it gives high damage since water can conduct electricity. It can also move and follow the target in water.
  2. Birds - used for targets flying or just standing. This is the fastest Lightning Beast Arrow he has. 
  3. Tiger - he creates a huge tiger that is fast, strong and deadly. According to him it is a 1 hit kill technique. It is also the strongest he has.


Short ranged fights and one on one combat.


Ardeo, his weapon