Suichi Mizuo
The Decendant of Lucas Charles
Birthdate May 30, 1997
Gender Male
Age 15
Element Water
Weapon Plesiotor, Twin Spears and a Shield
Pet Megalodon

Suichi Mizuo is a main character of the of the up coming comic book series, Project Core. He is a student of Nisshoki High school and a god in training. He is the succesor of Lucas Charles, the former god of water.


Lacus is a popular guy in school, it is known that a lot of girls like him. He has two rivals Luke and Prince, but considers Prince to be more challenging than Luke. He is very athletic but never did beat Luke in a race of speed.


Lacus is know for his loyalty to his friends, he is quite aggressive in fights like a real warrior. He is confident and serious in fights. Like Luke he never  runs away from challenges.


When Lacus is not fighting evil he is shown having sea green eyes, a fit body since he is also athletic, and straight long blonde hair. When in duty to stop the forces of evil he is shown to have an armor that covers front and back of his body but not the sides, he has a helmet that covers his cheek and forehead and he wields his trident, Plesiotor, and his twin spears and a shield. He isn't recognized when he is in his god form.


Lacus without his helmet


Lacus is the best god in using hand to hand combat, among all gods he has the most number of weapons that are made from Callosus, a mineral found in the deepest part of the ocean. Callosus is very durable, it can cut though diamonds without a sweat but can still be cut by Candidus Stella. He can summon a Gigantic Shark, Megalodon, it is very powerful but he can only use it in water. 


  • Water Torrent: Tearing Wave

With one clap, Lacus can exhale water from his mouth, it is not saliva but the mixture of his water element and his very own energy. The wave is very powerful it can destroy a small forest. Since it's very powerful it can be used two times a day which he quotes that it charges for 1 hour and 30 minutes.