Kai Seinaru
The Decendant of Cael Zanctus
Birthdate January 21, 1998
Gender Male
Age 14
Element Light
Weapon Candidus Stella


Kai Seinaru is a main character of the of the up coming comic book series, Project Core. He is a student of Nisshoki High school and a god in training. He is also the leader of the "new" gods.


Kyle is the most popular guy in school. A lot of girls like him, but he shows no interests in the girls for some unknown reasons. But when he had this dream his life changed forever.


Kyle is sometimes a mysterious person. He only talks to his close friends. He is a good leader even though he is quiet. He is a very serious person and tends to hide his emotions. And lastly he is very smart, he usally makes the plans.


When his is an ordinary person he is shown having blue eyes, a slim body, and spiky black hair. When in duty to stop the forces of evil he is shown to have a durable heavy armor with a helm. He isn't recognized when he is in his god form.

Cael and Kyle

God mode and his true self


Kyle has a talent in sword fighting sice he is the succesor of Cael Zanctus. His fighting style is with his sword Candidius Stella, A sword that was forged with a star, Stella, it was made by Silverhand Faber. But he claims that he didn't master it yet because of his unexperience. He can summon Arion the Light Pegasus. Arion can fly, and is fast as Lumen, Luke's Wolf. Arion can also shot Light  waves with flaps of his wings.


Candidus Stella


  • Luminous Reaver

A fast, deadly flash of Candidus Stella that produces a strong light energy that hits the enemy even in long distances


It takes time for full energy to be produced; move is weak in close combat.