Moeru Ayame
The Decendant of Dominus Ignis
Birthdate May 9, 1998
Gender Male
Age 14
Element Fire
Weapon Fire Orbs
Pet Aestus

Moeru Ayame is a main character of the of the up coming comic book series, Project Core. He is a student of Nisshoki High school and a god in training. He is the god of fire and the successor of Dominus Ignis, the former god of fire.


Dominic is considered as the campus bully, he is very strict and you can usually see him teasing his schoolmates. There is a story why he turned into a bully. But when he had this dream his life changed forever.


Dominic is sometimes an arrogant person, he is very strict and brave. He dosen't want to follow orders. It is shown that he is a funny person. He usually teases everyone around.


Dominic can make fireballs and streams of fire with the use of his God Art called Fire Demolistion. He uses fire in his fighting style which is one of the most destructive power in the gods.

Dominic's Fire Demolition