Hyuga Kazamuo
The Sucessor of Nix Alsius
Birthdate  Ferbruary 28
Gender Male
Element Ice
Weapon his hands

Hyuga Kazamuo is a main character of the of the up coming comic book series, Project Core. He is a student of Nisshoki High school and a god in training. He is the succesor of Nix Alsius  the former god of Ice.


Chris is a new guy in school. 


Chris is a cool and funny, everybody likes him even though he is still a new student. He is also witty. 


When Chris is not fighting evil he is shown having grey eyes, a slim body , and spiky greyish black hair. When in duty to stop the forces of evil he is shown to have the same clothes for some unknown reason. He isn't recognized when he is in his god form.


Chris in his "human form"


Chris practices Cyrokenesis, which means he can control and produce Ice. He is also good in hand to hand combat. Which he can coat his body parts with special kid of ice, which is stronger than the ordinary one. He can't fight in a very hot area because the ice he produce will just melt.


  • Hail Storm or Ice Storm

He summons a cloud and follow the target, the cloud drops down heavy sharp Ice.